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Surgical training content for EYESi is organized in software modules. Training is available for cataract and vitreoretinal surgery. The ever expanding menu of surgical modules now offers procedures like Capsulorhexis and Phaco-emulsification or Posterior Hyaloid Detachment and ILM Peeling. Each training module includes various tasks with increasing difficulty levels.

As EYESi is designed to integrate into a residency program curriculum the system allows for customisation. Therefore medical educators can create courses from the assorted modules and levels of complexity that exist within the surgical training modules.

The ability to define training content ensures medical educators can set up individual curricula to meet the needs of the trainee relative to the trainee’s current stage of skill and experience. Thus dedicated courses can use easy or difficult levels from the selected training modules so that both novices and advanced trainees can refine their skill level.

EYESi provides the medical educator with detailed user and group management so that a course can be assigned to an individual trainee or groups of trainees.

After courses are built and integrated into the residency curriculum a medical educator would logically want to monitor each trainee’s development. EYESi offers detailed performance evaluation and all data for a trainee can be exported via USB as user friendly spread sheets or graphs.

To further support medical educators EYESi offers a recorder playback functionality so that an instructor can review any given simulation session and provide feedback to the trainee. All videos and screenshots can easily be exported via USB for later use. An identical curriculum can be used over time to measure the learning curve or to compare skill levels of students.