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Trainees acquire expert status during training in a variety of ways. EYESi therefore was developed to allow medical educators to use the system as a complete training platform.

EYESi's system software enables medical educators to seamlessly integrate their own courseware into the platform. Through the secure administration functions individual courses can be compiled and complemented with academic text, still images and high resolution digital video footage. Powerpoint presentations can be imported and presented on the graphical user interface of the EYESi simulator. This allows trainees to study medical background information and then observe demonstrations depicting how their mentors perform any given procedure. If the goal is teaching the capsulorhexis a trainee can read about the task, observe how the task is done, and then complete the task in virtual reality till mastery of the skill is known to have been obtained.

With the option to combine the practical surgical training with multimedia presentations of medical knowledge EYESi represents the modern way of teaching surgical skills.