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EYESi vitreoretinalEpiretinal membrane peel

For training of posterior segment surgery the EYESi platform is equipped with the vitreoretinal surgery interface which consists of a head with the vitreoretinal eye interface, a vitreoretinal instrument set, foot pedals and the corresponding system software.

Most everyday realities of microsurgery in the complex vitreoretinal environment are represented in EYESi.

The EYESi microscope renders a stereoscopic view identical to the real OR microscope. The trainee is required to establish suitable visualization via the microscope foot pedal’s zoom, focus, and X/Y controls. Experienced retina surgeons know observing the retina requires a BIOM® / SDI® hardware so this too is integrated into the microscope setup.

Assorted training modules are available for EYESi vitreoretinal. Training sessions include tasks like inducing posterior hyaloid detachment and performing peripheral vitrectomies, peeling the internal limiting membrane (ILM) or the removal of epiretinal membranes.

To aid trainees in refining precise manual dexterity skills associated with vitreoretinal surgery EYESi provides a virtual surgical instrument tray. In the course of performing virtual surgery a trainee will use an illumination probe in their non-dominate hand. As in real retinal surgery EYESi realistically enables the surgeon’s dominate hand to alternate between instruments such as vitrector, endolaser, forceps, scissors etc.