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Evidence based training

Nearly 50 years ago the aviation industry faced the challenge of training pilots for civil aviation. Flight simulators were developed for this reason and allowed pilot proficiency during training to be validated objectively and safely. Today aviation is the safest means of transportation.

Simulators play an essential role in evidence-based training. By guaranteeing reproducibility in training, simulators provide exactly identical tasks for trainees and deliver objective skills assessment through measurable performance data.

Training makes good doctors

Realistic simulation increases experience at low risk and cost. Hundreds of surgical procedures can be performed each day without ever putting a patient at risk. At the same time, simulation provides objective assessment and gives the medical educator high confidence in the trainee's abilities before entering the operating theatre.

Simulators made by VRmagic

VRmagic developed the ophthalmic surgery simulator EYESi. Ophthalmic surgical procedures can be performed in a life like virtual environment. EYESi allows training of cataract as well as vitreo-retinal surgery at an exceptional degree of realism. EYESi provides high quality medical education.

EYESi platform