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The Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope Simulator

VR magic direct simulator

The Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope simulator uses augmented reality and real ophthalmoscope components to offer a highly immersive and realistic experience. Trainees will learn the correct ophthalmoscopy technique, they will truly understand how light effects the patient, and they will learn to reliably identify anatomical features and pathological findings without risk to patients and independent from patient flow.

The Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope simulator is handled the same way as its real counterpart. Students looking through the ocular will see virtual patients of varying gender and age. The highly realistic retinas have to be examined in the same way as real patients' retinas.

Multi-tiered Training CurriculumEyesi Direct simulator from VR magic

The Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope simulator provides every student with a comprehensive curriculum designed to teach the trainee in a logical and measurable manner. The curriculum is based on the educational principle of "deliberate practice", it provides trainees with the opportunity for frequent practice at a level of challenge suitable to their proficiency and ensures that refinements can be made through immediate and objective feedback after each examination.


Unlimited Independent Practice

Becoming a true expert in any given domain of interest takes deep knowledge which is gained only through a cumulative experience and intense practice. A parallel reality is that teaching time has an ongoing cost to optometry and medical schools. The use of high fidelity simulation to teach direct ophthalmoscopy can permit students to practise independently to the point of mastering direct ophthalmoscopy.

True Competency-based Assessment

The Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope simulator provides objective and immediate feedback after each virtual direct ophthalmoscope exam. All training data is preserved as the trainees successfully complete each formal simulation course and advance through the curriculum. Designated educators will be able to assess the students training data. This way educators can objectively assess the true skill level of students for direct ophthalmoscopy.

Pattern Recognition of Retinal Pathologies

The Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope curriculum contains a selection of the most common retinal pathologies every student must be able to recognise. The cumulative exposure to retinal pathologies fosters a solid and measurable foundation of how to diagnose specific pathologies. This is best termed pattern recognition since frequent exposure to different cases allow students to see how a single pathology can appear differently but has similar details common to their specific pathology. The same is hard to achieve when training on healthy fellow students.


Stat One Services are proud to be the sole UK agents for the VR magic range of simulators. We are happy to provide demonstrations on request. Prices available on application.