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The Eyesi Cataract Simulatorcataract interface

For training of anterior segment surgery the Eyesi Cataract simulator is equipped with a cataract surgery interface which includes a head with a cataract eye interface, the cataract instrument set, footpedals and the corresponding system software. The simulation can be configured easily for superior or temporal access to the patient's eye; the cataract eye is prepared for corresponding incisions.

According to many instructors and trainees, mastery of the capsulorhexis and phaco-emulsification are amongst the most difficult steps in cataract surgery. In a capsulorhexis the main difficulty lies in controlling the delicate capsule tissue to tear in the desired manner. Furthermore the trainee must learn this complex manual skill within a confined space of the anterior chamber.

The Eyesi Cataract simulator offers extensive training of the capsulorhexis. It even allows for the training of complications so that trainees master what to do when the rhexis runs outwards.

In learning to perform phaco emulsification the challenge rests in understanding and controlling the complex physics of the phaco device.

The phaco training modules offer a safe environment to experiement with phaco machine settings and to explore the effects of parameter changes. In practical terms this means a trainee can cause unwanted events like surge and chatter and learn how phaco parameter adjustments can eliminate these occurrences.

A step-by-step approach to the “Divide and Conquer” technique allows for stress free and lasting acquisition of the required surgical skills. Eyesi also enables a trainee to now pull all the manual skills together that make up modern phaco techniques as the simulation requires coaxial use of instruments, use of the microscope foot pedal, and modulation of the desired phaco parameters with a phaco foot pedal.

Most medical educators and trainees know that learning to see through a microscope with both hands and both feet working all at the same time in a deliberate and harmonious manner takes considerable practice. Eyesi provides a better way to train for anterior segment surgery as risk is removed when a patient is eliminated from the training loop and a trainees can safely practice critical parts of cataract surgery to mastery.