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Autoclavable Reduction Lenses

Part No. Lens description £
55401 Reduction lens for f = 175mm autoclavable  POA
55405 Reduction lens for f = 200mm autoclavable POA
55404 Reduction lens for Retroskop microscope POA


The virtual image produced by a wide field BIOM® lens lies a short distance above the lower lens, necessitating a reduction lens to shorten the normal focal length of the microscope.

The focusing mechanism of the BIOM® can then be used to adjust the virtual image to lie in the same plane as the new shorter focal point of the microscope.

Subsequent lowering or raising of the microscope will only increase or diminish the field of view without affecting the focus which is controlled by the BIOM® .

Please note the following lenses are obsolete 54547, 54545 and 54544. They have been replaced by the lenses above.