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LKC Technologies

LKC Technologies

Stat One Services are proud to be the UK agent for LKC Technologies. LKC have been transforming the world of electrophysiology since 1976 and is an industry leader in the manufacture of visual electrophysiology products. LKC's diagnostic solutions can be found in over 60 countries worldwide. LKC's products are held to the highest standards of quality and compliance in the design, development and manufacturing of equipment.

LKC is ISO 13485:2003/2012 certified.

2019 - All-New UTAS System™: Full redesign of flagship desktop system to meet versatile demands of ERG and VEP experts

2015 - Introduction of the RETeval™ device: The world's first and only hand held, battery powered, portable, non-invasive, fully ISCEV compliant ERG device for use on dilated or non-dilated eyes thanks to patented real-time pupil size compensation and incorporated normative data for easier results interpretation. Use with patented RETeval™ Sensor Strip electrodes to significantly improve patient comfort.

LKC products supplied by Stat One Services:

RETeval™ Complete hand-held ERG/VEP device
RETeval™ Flicker hand held-ERG device
UTAS SunBurst™ ERG/VEP/EOG system
RETeval™ Sensor Strip Electrodes

Stat One Services Ltd are the UK agent for this equipment and are happy to provide support and quotations.