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  UTAS with Sunburst Ganzfeld  

UTAS Visual Electrodiagnostic Testing System with SunBurst Ganzfeld

This revolutionary product will provide you with everything you need for any type of electroretinogram, visual evoked potential, or electro-oculogram. The ultra-bright Ganzfeld – capable of over 15,000,000 different colours – will allow you to perform ERGs you never imagined possible including on-off, double flash, photopic negative response, scotopic threshold response, and s-cone ERGs. Amplification with our digital biomedical amplifiers allows faithful reproduction of every nuance of your recordings.

Design Features

The world's brightest and most capable Ganzfeld
Ultra low-noise digital amplifiers
Built-in ERG normative data, or use your own

Key Specifications

Flash stimuli from -50 dB to +18 dB in any colour
Total flash range from -75 dB to +30 dB in 1 dB steps
Background luminance 0.005 to 5000 cd/m 2 in any colour
ISCEV Standard ERG / EOG / VEP
Double flash, On/Off, S-Cone, photopic negative response, scotopic threshold response ERGs
SunBurst™ Color LED Ganzfeld
Lightest, brightest, most capable
UBA-4204 Digital Biomedical Amplifier
No more ground electrodes!
Multifocal ERG - Multifocal VEP option
Now with long m-Sequence!
Sweep VEP (objective visual acuity) option
Dark adaptometry option
Compatible with legacy LKC data,. migrate data from your previous LKC system
GLP (21CFR11) Compliance Pack option
Colour or white-only mini-ganzfeld option
CE and MET (UL equivalent) certified

Stat One Services Ltd are the UK agent for this equipment and are happy to provide support and quotations.