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UTAS SunBurst

The UTAS SunBurst system from LKC Technologies offers the world's brightest and most capable ganzfeld. The UTAS SunBurst runs full functional visual electrophysiology testing with reliable results. From scotopic to photopic tests the UTAS runs all ISCEV standard tests. Normative data including latencies and amplitudes are available or create custom normative data specific to your needs.

The UTAS sunburst is designed for patient comfort. It is mounted on an ergonomic arm that can be positioned in front of the seated patient. LKC sensor strip electrodes can be used for ERG testing of patients that cannot tolerate corneal electrodes.


The UTAS Visual Electrodiagnostic System with SunBurst ganzfeld offers:

Flash/ pattern electroretinogram (ERG)
Flash/ pattern visual evoked potential (VEP)
Electrooculogram (EOG)
Optional multifocal ERG/VEP
Optional dark adaptometry



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UTAS SunBurst Device Specifications:

UTAS Device Specification













Stat One Services Ltd are the UK agent for this equipment and are happy to give demonstrations and to provide support and quotations