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  UBA-4204 Universal Biomedical Amplifier  

UBA 4204 Universal Biomedical Amplifier

Amplification and digitization are the most critical steps in recording and analyzing electrophysiological signals. The ability to resolve the smallest nuances of the true signal while minimizing artifacts is vital to obtaining high-quality results. The UBA-4204 Universal Biomedical Amplifier is the ideal choice for a wide variety of biomedical applications. Its unique design offers DC-coupled signal transduction and complete electrical isolation without introducing artifacts common to most biomedical recording systems: baseline drift, amplifier noise, power line interference, distortion, and prolonged amplifier saturation.

The design of the UBA-4204 is superior to that of other biomedical signal acquisition systems. The input to each of its four differential input channels is directly converted into digital form by a high resolution (24 bit) Analog to Digital Converter without any intervening circuitry, thus eliminating the major sources of noise, distortion, and interference in most biomedical amplifiers. Its large dynamic range (up to +2 V) and high sensitivity (able to faithfully reproduce signals < 1 mV) will meet your most demanding requirements for detecting small biomedical signals. Fiber optic data transmission and battery power totally isolate the amplifier from external power sources and eliminate a major source of 50/60 Hz interference.

The unit is handheld or easily wearable, weighs 8 oz. (225 g), and is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that provides up to twelve hours of continuous use. It is equipped with recessed DIN Safety electrode inputs or optional BNC connectors. The accompanying Interface Box allows the UBA-4204 to connect to any computer equipped with a USB port. The unique functionality of the UBA-4204 makes it the ideal solution to your amplification needs.

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