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Stad alone Ganzfeld  

SG-2002 Stand-Alone Ganzfield

The SG-2002 Stand-Alone Ganzfeld is a visual stimulator that can be integrated with your existing LKC visual electrodiagnostic test system or used as a stand-alone component with other systems.

The SG-2002 is the only stimulator you need for ISCEV standard ERG, EOG, and flash VEP testing.

The SG-2002 is easily connected to your current LKC system or existing visual electrodiagnostic system by the use of TTL-compatible trigger input.

The SG-2002 Ganzfeld can deliver flashes of both intensities required by the ISCEV standards plus an additional bright flash level. It also features three background light intensities, allowing you to perform photopic ERG testing and both dilated and undilated EOG testing. The SG-2002 also has 3 embedded LEDs at 0 and ±15°, for fixation and EOG testing. With these features, the SG-2002 is capable of producing flash ERG, EOG, and Flash VEP stimuli as prescribed by the International Society for the Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision (ISCEV).


Ganzfeld stimulator connected to Control station.
Full control of operating parameters through:
Front panel interface
(display and pushbuttons)
Software (RS-232 port)
TTL compatible Trigger Input or Output
(BNC connectors)


Fully compliant with ISCEV standards for Clinical Electroretinography, Clinical Electrooculography,
and flash Visually Evoked Potentials.
CE and CB certified.
Ganzfeld: 14" diameter, full-field globe
Control Station: LCD display, Features selectable through pushbutton user interface
Flash Intensities: +25 dB, 0 dB, or -25 dB (0 dB = 2.5 cd·s/m²)
Flicker Rate: 5 to 60 Hz in 5 Hz steps for 0 dB, -25 dB stimuli 0.5 Hz for +25 dB stimulus
LEDs Center, ± 15°, Dim or Bright
Pre-Adapt Light 30, 200, or 500 cd/m²
Light-Adapt Light 30, 200, or 500 cd/m²
Alternation Rate 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 Hz
Pre-Adapt Time 6 Minutes (fixed)
Dark-Adapt Time 16 Minutes (fixed)
Light Adapt Time 14 Minutes (fixed)
LED Alternation 15 seconds out of each minute
Background Light Off, 30, 200, or 500 cd/m²
Fixation Light Red LED, Off, Dim, or Bright

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