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Multifocal ERG / VEP with Long Binary m-Sequences

Multifocal ERG and Multifocal VEP capability
Uses long binary m-sequences
Easily added to any modern LKC visual electrodiagnostic test system
Meets ISCEV guidelines for multifocal ERG
Core stimulus presentation and analysis software were developed at a major university research laboratory
Fully automated control of amplifier, filters, and stimulus parameters
Data Storage: Relational database
Data Display:
Trace array of waveforms
3-D amplitude map
Quantitative response data
Regional averaged waveform display
Raw waveform
Analyzed Data Export: Both graphics and text data can be exported to other Windows programs (Copy / Paste)
mfERG Stimulation Pattern Types: 19, 61, 103 Hexagons for human (hexagons scaled with eccentricity) or veterinary (equal-size hexagons).

Hardware Configuration

Works with UTAS-E 3000, UTAS-E 4000, new UTAS, and EPIC-4000 systems. (Computer upgrade may be necessary for older UTAS-E 3000 and EPIC-4000 systems.)

Uses standard EPIC or UTAS pattern monitor. Optional high-brightness (to 500 cd/m2) monitor available.

Chin rest assembly to assure constant patient-to-screen distance.

Patient monitoring camera with image visible on operator screen.



Multifocal ERG / VEP With Long Binary m-Sequences


Wave form display


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