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Choosing your Keeler Direct Ophthalmoscope

Standard Ophthalmoscope

A combination of optical perfection, superb ergonomics and versatile features make Keeler Direct Ophthalmoscopes the ideal choice. Whatever your requirements, from basic examination to detailed diagnosis, there is a Keeler ophthalmoscope that will meet your needs.

NEW Design!

New slimline, lightweight and robust handle Lithium-ion technology provides a longer life battery and fast recharge capability so your instrument lasts longer.

Comfort & Fit

With curved surfaces and subtle patient side marking, each ophthalmoscope has been designed to fit snugly into the orbital bone. Unlike other straight-sided brands, the contoured, curved ophthalmoscope head guarantees an optimal viewing angle and the smooth line surfaces ensure a patient friendly, non-threatening instrument.

Controllable Light for Bright, Clear Images

The bright white Halogen and Xenon Illumination is fully adjustable from zero. This ensures the comfort of your patients and the best possible diagnosis for you.

Reflex Free Images

If you've always used a Keeler direct ophthalmoscope you'll be used to enjoying easy access reflex free images.