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Ishihara's Tests for Colour Deficiency Latest Edition

ishihara's tests  for colour deficiency with 14, 24 or 38 charts to test protan and deutan colour blindnessThese Brand New Ishihara Test Charts in hardback cover provide a quick and accurate assessment of congenital colour blindness.


They distinguish between total colour blindness and strong and mild forms of both protan and deutan colour defects. A  guide to the use and interpretation of the colour charts is provided in English, other translations are available.


The 14-plate (Concise) Edition (ISBN 0718603257) comprises a selection of charts from the 38-plate version to give the highest accuracy possible from a minimum set of plates.

Price:                      UK £85               EC Countries  €100                Other Countries £ Stg  93


The 24-plate (Abridged) Edition (ISBN 0718600797) is used principally by Airport Authorities, Local Government Offices, Recruitment Agencies, Factories and other businesses concerned with conducting sample surveys for colour deficiency in a short space of time or when hiring new employees.

Price:                      UK £115               EC Countries  €150               Other Countries £ Stg  130


The 38-plate (Complete) Edition (ISBN 0718600800) is used principally by Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and other professionals to define the type of colour deficiency.

Price:                     UK £155              EC Countries  €196           Other Countries £ Stg 170


The 10-plate for Unlettered Persons Edition (ISBN 0718603265) is for the testing of children below school age or unlettered persons. In this edition, the figures are expressed as circles and squares or a winding line to be traced.

Price:                      UK £77               EC Countries  €90                 Other Countries £ Stg 82


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