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OCULUS Disposable BIOM® known as the "BIOM® ready"

Disposable BIOM<sup>® </sup>ready from Oculus
Disposable BIOM® ready

The disposable BIOM® provides the same unparalleled view that retinal surgeons have come to rely on for over 25 years while addressing the need for maximising operating theatre efficiency.

The BIOM® ready incorporates the latest OCULUS High Definition disposable lens especially designed for excellent visual clarity under high magnification, reducing the need for a contact lens. This lens provides approximately 130 degree wide angle view with outstanding resolution. The new reduction lens is designed to optimise the view of the retina and limbus, increasing surgical efficiency.

The BIOM® ready is ideal for children, high risk patients and as a standby backup for those unexpected times of high demand. Single use ensures that it is always ready and always a perfect view.

Practical Details

The BIOM® ready comes in two versions, one for microscopes with a working distance of 175mm and one for microscopes with a working distance of 200mm. The focal length of the microscope can be found engraved on the rim of the lower objective lens as F=175mm or F=200mm.

The BIOM® ready is presented in a sterile blister pack containing the BIOM® , preassembled with reduction lens and wide field high definition lens; a thumbscrew cover and sterility disc. Please note that it is essential that the microscope should have an inverter, dovetail and an adapter plate which, in the case of a BIOM® 5 adapter, does not have to be sterile.

IMPORTANT: The BIOM® ready sterile blister pack does not include an adapter plate, but does include a sterile plastic disc to isolate your unsterile BIOM® 5 adapter plate (code 554xx). If you only have a BIOM® 4 adapter plate (code 544xx) it must be sterilised and used without the plastic disc. It is preferable to use the BIOM® 5 adapter which can be ordered from Stat One. You only need one as it can be reused without the need for sterilisation.

Ordering details are:
54413 BIOM® ready optimised for f=175mm
54414 BIOM® ready optimised for f=200mm

They are supplied in boxes of 6 individually packed BIOM®s at a cost of £720 per box plus delivery and VAT from Stat One Services Ltd


BIOM® ready adaptations are currently available for the following microscope types:

Alcon LuxOR
Kaps SOM
Leica M500 / M501, M620, M650, M690, M841, M820, M822, M844, Proveo8
Möller Ophtamic 900, Hi-R 900, EOS 900, Allegra 900,Hi-R-NEO900
Takagi OM-18, OM-8
Topcon OMS-110, OMS-600, OMS-610, OMS-650, OMS-710, OMS-800 Standard, OMS-800 Pro, OMS-850 Standard, OMS-850 Pro
Zeiss OPMI VISU 150 / 160, VISU 200 / 210, Lumera 700, Lumera T, Lumera i, OPMI CS with Retrolux CS,