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The Wide Angle Viewing System for Vitreo-Retinal SurgeryBIOM 5

The OCULUS system fits most operating microscopes. It allows the surgeon to operate in the eye without using a contact lens or having an assistant holding a lens in front of the eye for the duration of the operation.

The BIOM® (Binocular Indirect Ophthalmo Microscope) holds a lens away from the eye allowing fine focus and a panoramic view, even through small pupils. When necessary, the BIOM® can either be swung away from the operating field if another procedure is required or the lens can be changed to allow different procedures such as macula hole surgery.

Wide-field lenses invert the image, which is not acceptable, hence the use of the SDI® (Stereo Diagonal Inverter) which rectifies the image for the surgeon.

There is now a disposable BIOM® available called the BIOM® ready.