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LKC RETeval™ Sensor Strip Electrodes

The LKC RETeval™ Sensor Strip Skin Electrodes (95-068) offer a unique non-invasive easy to use alternative for those that cannot tolerate corneal electrodes. The sensor strip requires only one electrode connection for testing, making it unlikely that an operator will misconnect electrodes on the patient or device. The sensors can be used with other ERG devices using a connecting cable (91-201).

LKC Sensor strips are:LKC sensors strip electrodes

Easy to use
Simple to place on patient
Easy to connect to any device
Flexible to move with the patient
Perfect for paediatric use
Reliable, signal to noise ratio

Electrode Application

The RETeval™ sensor strips are specific for right and left eyes. Erroneous results will occur if the sensor strips are used with the wrong eye. The small side of the sensor strip should be placed with the end of the sensor strip under the centre of the eye, leaving a gap of only 2mm below the lower eyelid. The side with the connection tab should be located near the temple. Align the sensor strip so that there is no hair beneath it. LKC strongly recommend the use of NuPrep® to prepare the patient's skin in the electrode contact area.

RETeval and sensors strip electrode

LKC sensors strip electrodes





Stat One Services Ltd are the UK agent for this equipment and are happy to give demonstrations and to provide support and quotations