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RETeval™ Flicker

The RETeval Flicker is a fully portable ERG testing device that is non-invasive, effective and reliable. It has 10 protocols with varying flicker stimuli including a diabetic retinopathy protocol that quickly and easily tests for DR. The device's patented technology enables measurement without dilating eye drops using real-time pupil size compensation. Using the LKC sensor strip electrodes testing is non-invasive as they are applied directly onto the skin just below the eye, making it ideal for children.

The results are reliable, repeatable and can be viewed instantly on the device screen or downloaded to a PC using a USB cable that is provided. It has an electronic medical record (EMR) interface and results can be transferred to a supported EMR/EHR system.

Common uses for flicker ERG tests:

Diabetic Retinopathy
CRVO monitoring
Acquired and Retinal Diseases
Unexplained vision loss
Paediatric Nystagmus


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The RETeval flicker can be upgraded to the RETeval Complete version.
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Replacement and spare parts are available.














Stat One Services Ltd are the UK agent for this equipment and are happy to give demonstrations and to provide support and quotations