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RETeval™ Complete

The RETeval Complete is a full-featured, ISCEV standard compliant ERG device. The DR assessment protocol and the protocols in the in the Flicker ERG option povide quick results for a number of diseases that can be assessed via cone responses. Additionally, a protocol is provided for ISCEV compliant flash VEP testing. It uses skin electrodes which adhere to the lower eye lid, although corneal electrodes can be used with the RETeval Complete.

Design Features

Hand-held, Easy to learn, Easy to use
Non-mydriatic, Non-invasive
Self calibrating, Battery Powered
Capable of Interfacing with EMR systems, Multi-language support


Fast and Accurate Choice of local language
Usable with dense cataract, unaffected by pupil size
Instant feedback through clear reporting (device and PC)


Product Information

RETeval Brochure

RETeval User Manual

RETeval Complete User Manual

RETeval Complete Specification

Technical References

April Y. Maa - A novel device for accurate and efficient testing for vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy

Gen Miura - Effects of cataracts on flicker electroretinograms recorded with RETeval™ system

Kumiko Kato - Effect of pupil size on flicker ERGs recorded with RETeval™ system

Natsuko Nakamura - Evaluation of cone function by hand-held non-mydriatic flicker electroretinogram device

Kim - New hand-held, Non-mydriatic ERG device to screen for diabetic retinopathy and other eye diseases


Accessories/ Parts

Code Description Code Description
RETsen RETeval sensors (box 50) RETcase RETeval carry case
RETarm RETeval mounting arm 81-266 Eye cup
91-193 Sensor clip 91202 Vee cable (used for testing both eyes)

DIN cable (used to connect an LKC RETeval sensor strip to a non-RETeval ERG instrument)


Adapter cable for DIN electrodes (allows use of any electrode with the RETeval)

81-262 Battery    









Stat One Services Ltd are the UK agent for this equipment and are happy to give demonstrations and to provide support and quotations