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RETeval™ Complete

The RETeval™ Complete is a full-featured, ISCEV standard compliant ERG/VEP device. The miniature ganzfeld has multiple flash and flicker protocols that provide an objective and robust assessment of the retinal function. The results are reliable, repeatable and can be viewed instantly on the device screen or downloaded to a PC via a USB cable that is provided. It has an electronic medical record (EMR) interface and results can be transferred to a supported EMR/EHR system.

The RETeval™ has age-related normative data as well as a built-in pupilometer and using the measurements taken, can vary the flash intensity in real-time to maintain constant retinal illuminance. The device self-calibrates before each test ensuring accurate settings for testing.

ERG testing using the patented RETeval™ Sensor strip electrodes is non-invasive as they are applied directly onto the skin just below the eye. The RETeval™ is also compatible with commonly used corneal and surface electrodes. Electrodes to carry out VEP testing are not included. A cable to connect the RETeval™ to other electrodes is provided.RETeval ERG VEP TestRETeval ERG VEP Device

Common uses for the full flash and flicker ERG tests:

Diabetic Retinopathy
Central Retinal Vein Occlusion
Acquired and Retinal Diseases
Unexplained vision loss
Paediatric Nystagmus
Trouble seeing in the dark
Changes in colour vision

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RETeval™ Complete Device Specifications:

RETeval Complete Specifications








Spare parts and accessories are available to order.

Stat One Services Ltd are the UK agent for this equipment and are happy to give demonstrations and to provide support and quotations